‘Non-Kosher Meat Served at President’s Residence’

President Shimon Peres’s chief of staff Efrat Duvdevani has sent a letter to Chief Rabbis Yona Metzger and Shlomo Amar calling on them to thoroughly investigate the catering company Pri Haaretz, which allegedly served non-kosher meat at the president’s Independence Day party at his Jerusalem residence.

First reported by Ma’ariv, the company that catered the festivities had a large consignment of meat intended for the party which was spoiled. Panicked, one of Pri Haaretz’s chefs allegedly purchased a new batch of meat for the event at a non-kosher butcher in Abu Ghosh outside Jerusalem.

Rafi Yohai, head of the Chief Rabbinate’s division for the enforcement of kashrut laws, said that an investigation has been opened into the matter and that the rabbinate requested on Tuesday a court order for Pri Haaretz to hand over documents relating to the incident.

Yohai also said that it is 100 percent certain that one of Pri Haaretz’s chefs purchased 80 kg. of meat from the non-kosher butcher in Abu Ghosh. Pri Haaretz’s kashrut license has been revoked as a result.

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