Six Varieties of Kosher Ice Cream Produced in Russia

Just in time for summer, a Russian ice cream company produced a special kosher line of the frozen dessert. The Stavropol-based company approached the kosher department of the Russian Chief Rabbinate headed by Chief Rabbi Berel Lazar about launching a production line that would be acceptable to Jewish dietary laws.

Chabad-Lubavitch Rabbi Yossi Verzub, director of the kosher department, along with Rabbi Yosef Marzel, flew in from Moscow and prepared the factory for kosher use. Together with local Rabbi Alexander Nesterov, the supervisors oversaw the making of the ice cream from the milking of the cow to its packaging.

In all, six varieties were produced and will be sold at stores across Russia as well as in supermarket chains in Israel. The factory joins dozens of other factories that have gone strictly kosher along with 10 restaurants in Moscow and its environs.


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