Judaism and the Jewish Community – How They Have Influenced the Modern World

Judaism is an ancient religion dating back to thousands of years ago as documented in old Jewish writings. It is in fact one of the oldest religions to survive the present day. Because of this, Jewish traditions and culture have inspired other religions like Christianity and Islam. The many facets of Judaism have affected the modern society in terms of values, ethics and civil law.

All the laws of the present society is greatly influenced by Judaism. Jewish laws believe in the equality of all people. Judaism values the importance of life. The basic laws of the modern society is based mainly on the Ten Commandments and some of the other laws stated in the book of Exodus.

The Jewish contribution to the fields of science and the arts is astounding. Jonas Salk, a Jewish medical researcher and virologist created the first polio vaccine. A Jewish physicist in the name of Gabriel Lippman discovered color photography. Levi Strauss, a Jewish merchant introduced denim jeans. A Jewish inventor, Isaac Merritt Singer developed  the first sewing machines. Joseph Pulitzer, a Jewish journalist and publisher is the founder of the Pulitzer Prize, the most prestigious award in American journalism. A hundred more Jewish innovators, entrepreneurs, reformers, writers and artists have contributed to humanity and the modern society.

For such a small community (less than two-tenths of 1% of the world population), many Jewish people have influenced the world.These Jews have revolutionized the way we think and understand the world today. Judaism has definitely made an immeasurable impact to humanity and the society.

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