Is Fear A Sin? Faith Vs. Anxiety

Two men in the same town came into sudden wealth. They both hit upon the idea of burying their treasures in the ground. Each picked a landmark on their respective properties, paced 50 steps and dug a hole.

Chaim, the more anxious of the two, kept looking over his shoulder to make sure he wasn’t being watched before placing the treasure into the ground. The more trusting Berel, on the other hand, took no such precautions. Alas, unbeknownst to him, he was noticed by a dishonest neighbor who eventually stole the treasure.

Still, it was Chaim the worrier who, after many sleepless nights, decided to check on his gold. To his bad luck, after locating the landmark, he counted the wrong amount of paces before digging into the ground.

Imagine his horror when he found that there was nothing there. Certain that someone stole his fortune, he could find no peace. Eventually the stress got the better of him and he died – his fortune safely intact.


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