56% of Israelis Say Chametz Law Necessary

Passover is considered to be an especially difficult holiday, yet a new survey reveals – even Israel’s secular population does not want to give it up. A Ynet-Gesher survey indicated that a clear majority of Israel’s Jewish population, from every sector of society, are meticulous in not eating chametz on the seven days of Passover.

Moreover, a majority of the population believes that the often criticized Chametz Law, which forbids stores, restaurants, offices and public places from displaying or selling chametz, is necessary.

The survey was conducted by Panels Ltd. among 519 respondents – a national sample that represents Israel’s adult Jewish population with a maximum sampling error of 4.4%.

Every Passover sees the question come up again on the public agenda: Would it have been better to leave the matter of chametz in the hands of the population rather than the legislative authority?

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