An Adventure Through 14 American States

Aaron D. Neufeld is a true New Yorker. With the exception of his college years, he had rarely, if ever, ventured beyond the state’s borders. So unacquainted was he with Middle America, that “Old McDonald” was the only farmer he’d ever heard of. That all changed after he participated in the annual Bike For Friendship this past summer.

Bike 4 Friendship is an annual 3,500-mile, cross-country bike ride to raise funds for Friendship Circle International, an organization developed and overseen by the Chabad-Lubavitch Shluchim Office that serves children with special needs and their families, with chapters all over the globe. The organization connects children with special needs with teenage volunteers who offer friendship and run social events and programs. The organization also provides the children’s families with much–needed resources and support. The annual Bike 4 Friendship fundraiser has brought a tremendous amount of valuable exposure to Friendship Circle.

At one point during the ride, the seven star cyclists participating in the cross-country ride were forced to stop. Yet another biker’s tire had become flat—one of a total of 92 flat tires counted during the 50-day trip. (They also counted 712 roadkill; yes, they kept track!) They were in the middle of the hot Iowan expanse, with acres upon acres of farmland on either side of the road. Seeking shade, the group pulled over to a farm on the side of the road to rest beneath an apple tree.


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