Indian Woman Fires Jerusalem Rabbis

An Indian woman, owner of the a restaurant here, has stood up against the dictates of the powerful Jewish rabbinate and decided to give up the kashrut certification for her restaurant after she was forced to buy vegetables in specific stores.

Lehava Silman Herman, 50, who runs Ichak Dana Indian restaurant in Jerusalem’s Mahane Yehuda market gave up kashrut certification for her restaurant following “impossible demands” made by the Rabbinate.

Mahane Yehuda has an overwhelming religious Jewish population which only dines out at Kosher restaurants.

Lehava, who immigrated from Kolkata in 1981 and still holds an Indian passport, told PTI that she is not going to succumb to the pressures of “impossible demands” being made by the Kashrut supervisor that is “acting like a mafia leading to corrupt practices”.


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