Friday Social Media BliNtz (Week 2)

Welcome to week two of the Friday Social Media BliNtz— like a blitz but tastier.

So, this week in the media, the social and the science intersect when Harvard med student Ilana Yurkiewicz blogs about a groundbreaking study lead by Corinne Moss-Racusin and colleagues, which reveals that gender bias in science is real.

An important take-away from Yurkiewicz’s analysis in the Scientific American: Both male and female scientists were equally guilty of committing gender bias. But there is hope! Yurkiewicz writes:“As troubling as these results are, they are also critical toward solutions. That biases against women are often subconscious means people need extra prodding to realize and combat them. I’m willing to bet that many in the study, just like people who take Implicit Association Tests, would be upset to learn they subconsciously discriminate against women, and they would want to fix it. Implicit biases cannot be overcome until they are realized, and this study accomplishes that key first step: awareness.”


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