What’s the Best Kosher Restaurant in New York?

I would hesitate to call myself a foodie, but being in the profession for a couple years now I’ve definitely an appreciation for good food and wine. The truth is, I haven’t had the chance to eat out much, I’m just getting over price shock and most of the time I come away so disappointed when eating out I would love to barge into the kitchen and cook it myself. This past week was different. Something came over me and I decided to go to what my foodie friends call the two best kosher restaurants in New York City.

It seems that proportionately LA has better kosher food and definitely more restaurants that strike my fancy.  Now of course we can argue what in fact qualifies as the best kosher restaurant on a variety of factors, so maybe I should say that according to about half a dozen fellow kosher foodies – Mikes Bistro and Pardes are the only two restaurants worth eating at for the money.

Of course there are other decent or good restaurants, but when you add in my sensibilities like refusing to eat at a place calling itself a French steak house that serves Sushi, or any non-Japanese establishment that serves sushi for that matter, the choices get narrower and narrower.

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