The White Shul knows their herring

I think the only good thing that came out of my recent trip to Far Rockaway to visit the old man and fulfill my obligation to kivud av, was the kiddushim I got to take part in. Far Rockaway isn’t really a foodie paradise, but the kiddushim are good old fun. Like all New Yorkers, Far Rockaway residents are rude and pushy when it comes to kiddush and I like that. There’s nothing like elbowing your way into the crowd only to see that once you get there it’s an absolute free for all.

I do need to give a yasher koach to the White Shul for having a truly good selection of herring. Cream sauce, wine sauce, salmon in cream sauce and something else I could not put my finger on – graced the long tables in their sukkah on shmini atzeres. My father claims to like the way the Rabbi speaks, but I think for him it’s all about the food. They have good herring and decent booze, all of which takes about 10 minutes to run out.


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