Rationalist Judaism Makes No Sense

I’ve decided that I’m not a fan of rationalist Judaism, most because as much as you try to prove and debate the “facts” supporting a Judaic way of life, it still makes no sense. I’m not really sure how one can prove the Torah was written by God and I’m not really sure why it would matter, it doesn’t make me want to practice Judaism anymore or less. In my mind, rationalist Judaism takes the heart, soul, and spirit out of Judaism, but for some reason more and more former yeshiva folks have begun to take on this stance.

I’m not saying that I don’t find, Rambam, Hirsch, and Jung fascinating, they are some of the best Jews out there and Torah U’Madda and Torah Im Derech Eretz seem to me like the best ways to practice Judaism, but there’s something about rationalist Jews that rubs me the wrong way. Our own Frum Satire friends Eliyahu Fink and Telz Angel are rationalist Jews, as are most of the few forward thinking frum Jews out there, but it always seems like rationalist Jews are just postponing the inevitable – going Off the Derech due to intellectual reasons.

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