You Know You’re Frum and Off the Derech…

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day who got into a graduate program far from any major Jewish community. He calls me up ranting and raving about how the only Jews in his town aren’t even real Jews because they’re reconstructionists. I found this odd, coming from a person who keeps nothing in the way of Judaism and doesn’t believe in God. He then went onto say that he already called up the two closest chabads and already has an in on the frum politics of the area. Apparently the kollel 100 miles away, doesn’t like chabad, even though there are like 10 Jews in the entire state. Anyway, he’s what I would call someone who’s frum and off the derech.

You wash hamotzi before eating a cheeseburger

You keep your kippah on while filming yourself having sex with a Russian prostitute

You still don’t hold of the Flatbush eruv


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