Can Kiruv Rabbis Use Sex to Mekarev Someone?

They say that each generation goes lower in morality than the previous one and this is pretty blatant by the latest news of the chabad world. Apparently a Chabad shaliach in Russia is the latest to succumb to immorality by thinking he could be mekarev a Jewish girl who has fallen to hooking as a profession, unfortunately, the Rabbi was tricked into having sex with her on video tape. In order to justify this “unorthodox” form of kiruv, he left his yarmulke on during the whole video which I will not link here. This of course brings me to question what everyone has on their mind (besides for running to the bathroom to waste some seed) and that is, are honey pot kiruv missions allowed.

Can Aish Rabbis have their daughters sleep with guys to make them frum and can chabad rabbis sleep with prostitutes if they promise to light shabbos candles and keep taharas hamishpacha – in the prostitute world, keeping taharas mishpacha is like keeping shmita for Israeli farmers. To lay fallow for 2 weeks out of the month is hard on the wallet and requires great faith that hakodesh baruch hu will provide many clients during your clean times and I wonder if the prostitute now makes more since the chabad guy made her frummer.


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