Monster Ketchup For The Ten Plagues

Here is it, the simplest monster party idea ever, monster ketchup, and right now it’s all about monster ketchup for the Passover Seder, you know for the plague of dam (blood)! Most of us don’t have time for more than a ten minute craft at this point, so this one’s perfect, and if you buy some new ketchup for Passover with a bottle that’s covered in a label, so simply tear off the label and get to work.

I’d keep this monster ketchup idea as a surprise for the seder personally if I were you, since it’s sure to get the kids excited! And of course they’ll have lots of fun using it all week long, or however long it lasts! And if this isn’t quite your idea something you’d like on your Passover table, so keep this idea under your hat for a summer bar-b-que!

You’ll Need:

  • a bottle or two of red ketchup bottles with plastic labels that are easily removable
  • a permanent marker or paint pen
  • a tiny bit of monster imagination


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