How To Remove Old Wine Stains

I just had to share this with you my friends, this story of a little Purim miracle that occurred in my home the night before Purim, and that may very well be of great use to you after the Passover seder! It goes like this: my husband has a traditional Moroccan robe that he bought last year to wear on Purim. One of our beloved guests spilled wine all over the front of the garment, and given that it’s creamy yellow stripes and of unknown fabric content I just didn’t know what to do! So not so surprisingly, that robe sat in the closet for a full year, until I got up the courage to look for a solution. And low and behold, I found it! Yes indeed, I was able to successfully remove all of the wine stains, and now know how to remove the new stains that happened this year. Honestly I couldn’t believe it myself!

You’ll Need:

  • hydrogen peroxide (mai chamsan in Hebrew), available in Israel at your local pharmacy in small bottles, about 10 shekels a bottle
  • liquid dish soap
  • a spray bottle
  • an old toothbrush


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