For Vegans the high holidays pose some problems

Being a vegan Jew most of the year doesn’t pose to many problems, many Vegans may refrain from putting on tefillin or using animal skins to make their Torahs and Mezuzot, but these are minor issues that never really conflict with their undying faith to Judaism. However, this all changes when the high holiday’s approach and every year around the world, Jewish vegans prepare to test their faith through another round of searching their souls for answers to the Jewish vegan problems of the day.

I was at my job in San Francisco one day preceding Rosh Hashanah, when my boss made mention of a local congregation that was searching for a vegan shofar, surely she must be pulling my chain or yanking my chef’s knife – but lo and behold this congregation had actually gotten a 100% vegan shofar made of mahogany.


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