Ten Plagues Passover Craft: Fun Placards For The Seder!

Here’s a fun ten plagues Passover craft that you can make now and use at the Passover seder to create a little bit of excitement and keep the kids involved. Either you can make them as a surprise, or better yet, get the kids involved in the crafting, and they’ll be even more excited. I’ve never actually done a craft for the ten plagues, as I just couldn’t think of anything that seemed right for us……

but then I started to think about the plague of lice and how my boys sure would love to see a big louse hopping around at the table, and thus the idea was born to make placards for each of the ten plagues. Here you see the first four in order from left to right: blood, frogs, lice and wild beasts. Stay tuned for the rest possibly tomorrow or the next day!

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