‘I Love Jews But Hate Israel’ T-Shirt Sparks Controversy

CafePress, the online retailer that sells custom made products, removed the “I Love Jews But Hate Israel” T-shirt from its site after the Simon Wiesenthal Center sent a letter to the company imploring them to remove the offensive content.

The online retailer sent an e-mail to Arutz 7, following an article published on April 29, explaining company policy and their decision to remove the design.

The e-mail stated, “In reference to the ‘I Love Jews But Hate Israel’ designs referred to in this particular story, last week an individual inquired about this content and demanded its removal. At that time the product images in question were immediately reviewed. Upon review, we determined to remove the designs from our site.”

While the company did remove the “I Love Jews But Hate Israel” T-shirt from its site, a wide variety of Hamas merchandise, as well as other products asserting, among other things, that “Israel Kills,” is still available online.

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