Danish Fashion Company Apologizes over ‘Holocaust’ T-Shirt

A Danish fashion company apologized on Monday for a t-shirt featuring a detailing that resembles the Star of David worn by Jews during the Holocaust.

The t-shirt came under fire last week, as the Anti-Defamation League slammed the clothing retailer Urban Outfitters for advertising it on its retail website.

Brian Jensen, co-founder of Wood Wood, wrote in a public statement published on the company’s website that the symbol emerged from working with patchwork and geometric patterns, and was in no way a reference to Jews, the Nazis or the Holocaust.

However, he said the company did recognize the resemblance when they received an early prototype of the t-shirt, but that it decided not to include the star patch on the final t-shirt. According to Jensen, the image that appeared on the Urban Outfitters website was “a photograph of an early prototype.”

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