How to Start a Kosher Catering Business

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Kosher catering business is now a big business. Jews observe many holidays and festivals and festive meals are often part of the celebration. Prior to starting your kosher catering business it is important to check the area you will be serving. Are there big Jewish communities in your area? It is also important to check on your competitors. Here are some tips on how you can start your kosher catering business successfully.

  • First of all, it is important to obtain certification as a kosher caterer. Contact the local Vaad or Rabbinical committee in your community. The Vaad will send a representative who will then visit your kitchen to make sure that you adhere with all the Jewish dietary laws. He will also guide you in buying approved cooking ingredients and suggest butchers and bakeries to ensure that the food you serve is of high quality of kashruth.
  • Buy new cooking and serving utensils as these will also be inspected by your local kashruth representative.
  • Buy only ingredients that have been certified by looking for the kosher symbol. These symbols are usually a “K” inside a circle, a “U” in a circle, or the word “VAAD.”
  • The laws of kashruth require that dairy and meats should be separated when cooking a dish so decide whether you will be catering dairy or meat meals.
  • It is also important to train your staff on the laws of kashruth.

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