How to Plan a Jewish Wedding Meal

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Just like any other celebration, a Jewish wedding culminates with a festive meal. The food that will be served will mainly depend on the historical background of the couple - Ashkenazi or Jews of European origin, and Sephardi or Jews of Middle Eastern , Spanish and Portuguese origin. Traditionally, kosher food is prepared for the Jewish wedding. This means that the meal preparation should be according to the rules of Torah.

  • Sephardic Jews usually opt for spicier meals like spicy chicken, spicy lamb, and rice. Ashkenazi Jews usually serve roast chicken, potatoes, and vegetables.
  • No pork or shellfish should be served, as well as lobsters and shrimps. Meat and dairy products should not be mixed in one meal.
  • Cover the bread (challah) with a clean cloth and bless it before the meal begins. The challah is distributed by the bride and groom during the wedding meal.
  • Serve fruits during the wedding meal. You can also consult your caterer for your choice of wedding dessert.

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