House of Ben Gurion

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The House of Ben Gurion is located at 17 Ben Gurion Blvd in Tel Aviv, Israel. It is the humble home of the first prime minister of Israel and one of the most important personalities in the history of Israeli politics.

The two-story house known for its simplicity and modesty, served David Ben Gurion and wife Paula until the death of the prime minister in 1973. This very place is where Ben Gurion lead the state of Israel which was very young at that time. It witnessed how he managed to find ways in overcoming the state’s various challenges and problems.

People who visit the place will still see the original structure and arrangement of the house, having the kitchen, bedrooms, living room, etc.The most magnificent part of the house is the study room. It originally contained a number of over 20,000 books in at least five different languages. It was a collection of the prime minister over the years.

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