Gay Pride, but Where’s Your Jewish Pride?

San Francisco’s Castro District does not have a gay pride week; it is one ongoing display of gay pride. The “coming out of the closet” scenario is such a non-issue in the liberal atmosphere that it is not even clear if the term exists anymore or if everyone was simply always out of the closet.

And after I finally adapted to the ambiance which is so foreign to that of my childhood upbringing in Bnei Brak I discovered that this was only the beginning for me, an ultra orthodox Israeli woman, meeting the gay Jews of the city.

“It is much easier for me to say ‘I’m lesbian’ than ‘I’m a Zionist’,” said Rivkah Weiner just seconds after I entered an institution that only exists in the US – the gay temple.

The sign outside reads “Congregation Sha’ar Zahav” in Hebrew and the gay pride flag is the only symbol that makes it obvious that this is no regular orthodox, reform or conservative community.


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