Jews and Politics: How Are Politicians Judged?

With the recent scandalous resignation of Congressman Anthony Weiner, many began to question what is wrong with our politicians: why is it that these men would be willing to sacrifice everything for a few hours of enjoyment? The question, I believe, is – why do they fall prey to this type of behavior in the first place?

Congressman Weiner’s situation was somewhat different then former president Clinton, but similar in the fact that they both lied to the American people. Yet, Clinton was able to stay in office while Weiner wasn’t. Congressmen Foley, DeLay, Kennedy, Gingrich and many others from both parties committed immoral behavior far greater then Weiner’s, yet, some stayed in office while others resigned or lost their seats in the next election. So why was Weiner treated differently?

The answer to that is simple: it’s an election year, and the Democratic Party will spare no one who is, or could be, an obstacle to the President’s bid for reelection. Unfortunately, Congressman Weiner became the victim of his own party’s cleaning crew.


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