Bedouin Market

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Bedouin Market is a modest city market found in Beersheba. When coming to this place, free yourself from any expectations. The place seems so ordinary and crowded especially in the late time of the day. Nevertheless, you can find genuine products at a very reasonable price in the market. The vibrant commotion fascinates the tourists. The perfect time to visit the place is as early as possible in the summer. Some of the stalls are uncovered, wearing of hats and applying sunscreen lotion is suggested.

Ask guidance from people when going to the Bedouin part of the Market. There, you can see Bedouin vendors at the border of the market. They sell traditional coffee, spices, carpets, and galabiya. It is a type of robe worn by men. Most Bedouin vendors are wearing it. There are also delicately embroidered cushion, copperware, camel saddles, and various other craft merchandises.

You can also find exquisite clothing and essential domestic items. Bargaining is considered habitual in the Bedouin market, but only to a certain extent.  What makes the market distinctive is that you can still purchase live camels and sheep. It is open every Thursday at 6 am until 1 pm.

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