After Elections, Greece’s Jews Come to Terms with Neo-Nazi Triumph

Greece’s Jewish community on Monday sent its members a laconic, factual e-mail. Without any interpretive adornment, the message conveyed a few dry facts. In elections staged on Sunday, the Golden Dawn neo-Nazi party won 7 percent of the country’s popular vote – a tally twice the minimum threshold level required to send representatives to parliament.

The update also included information about districts in which Jews live, and also biographies of the delegates that the far-right party will send to parliament. All told, Golden Dawn will have 21 parliament seats out of 300.

The day after the elections, Greece’s Jewish community is still trying to make sense of the results and new facts, and is cautious about drawing conclusions about the stunning gains notched by the militant, ultra-nationalist party which seeks to restore Greece’s national pride and expel foreigners. Asked about the first, post-election step to be taken by his party, Nikolaos Michaloliakos – Golden Dawn’s founder and chairman – responded: “All illegal immigration will be stopped. They [foreigners] will have to leave – they must leave.”


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