The new leader of Reform Judaism: A Zionist and lover of Israel

Reuben Jacob (Richard) Jacobs, known to all as Rick, will only take up the position of president of the Reform Movement in the summer of 2012. But the report of his appointment as head of the largest denomination in American Jewry – estimated to be some 1.5-million strong – sparked a wave of praise and compliments.

“New York Rabbi Known as Innovator Is Picked to Lead Reform Jews,”
ran the headline in The New York Times, which gave a favorable report of his election. “The Scarsdale Dynamo” was the admiring response from The Jewish Week, a weekly published in New York City, referring to the achievements of Jacobs, who for the past two decades has been serving as the rabbi and spiritual leader of the Westchester Reform Temple and the Reform community in Scarsdale, New York. He is an original and unique rabbinical figure, says a colleague.


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