Womens Tallit – The Proper Way to Wear a Tallit

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Few women wore tallit in the early times but the practice of wearing the prayer shawl gained in popularity among female Jews as the years went by. Womens tallit comes in a variety of colors and designs that appeal to an array of feminine styles. Many women receive their first tallit at their bat mitzvah when they officially become responsible for keeping the commandments of God. However, the trouble is that many women wear the tallit incorrectly. According to Jewish scholars, the tallit should be worn so that two of the tzitzit are in front of the body and the other two falls in back so that the wearer is surrounded by the commandments of God during prayer.

Conversely, many women wear the tallit like a shawl or a scarf. The correct way for womens tallit to be worn is more like a cape. The procedure for putting on a tallit is as follows. Place the folded tallit on the right shoulder and inspect the tzitzit to ensure they are not torn or tangled. The fringe should all be straight and smooth. Once the inspection is complete and satisfactory, unfold the tallit and put it in the ready position which is behind you and raised above the head. It is at this time that the blessing should be said.

Once the blessing has been recited, drape the tallit over the head and shoulders. Gather together the ends and throw them over your left shoulder. Be careful not to smack an innocent bystander walking by. Hold it in this position for two to three seconds. Afterwards, the tallit can be readjusted so that it is resting on the shoulders like a cape with two tzitzit in front and two tzitzit in back. During prayers, it is perfectly acceptable to drape the tallit over the head to help maintain concentration and focus.

If you need to remove your womens tallit for a small space of time but fully intend to wear it again then the blessing does not need to be repeated when you put it back on. For example, if you need to visit the restroom. However, if you take off your tallit with the intention of putting it away for the day but have a need to put it on again, then the ritual and blessing must be done again. You should always endeavor to wear the tallit correctly as it honors both you and God to have it on.

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