West Coast Shluchim Gather

On Sunday, 12 Elul, the Shluchim of the West Coast held their annual Kinus. This year however, it was held in a very unique place – Temecula, California – where Rabbi Yitzy Hurwitz is on Shlichus. The Kinus, with the theme of Simcha, Bitochon and Emunah, was held there in order to give chizuk to Rabbi Hurwitz, who is battling ALS, one of the most dreaded diseases known to mankind.

The Kinus was organized and led by Rabbi Boruch Shlomo Cunin, head Shliach of the West Coast. At the event, Rabbi Cunin reminded all present of the powerful zchus of a Shliach and how the Rebbe continually looks out for every one of his Shluchim. He was confident that Yitzy will have a refuah shleimah ukrovah, in a miraculous fashion.

Rabbi Hurwitz addressed the assembled Shluchim and in a powerful voice underscored how it is bitochon, emunah and simcha that help him overcome the challenges he faces on a daily basis. He remarked how confident he is of his upcoming yeshuah and how important it is to have a positive outlook regardless of what trials may come your way.

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