Shluchim Prep for Peak Giving Season

With the end of the fiscal year quickly approaching, people are hurrying to make their final donations of 2012, and many shluchim are looking to be the lucky receivers.

Fun facts:

· 41% of all giving occurs in the last few weeks of the year.
· 33% of December donations occur on December 31.
· The peak giving time on December 31 is between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. in any given time zone.
· Surprisingly, one survey suggests that religion, tax deductions, and appeals from charities have little to do with the deciding factors in making donations.

Hoping to take advantage of this opportune time, shluchim are doing what they can to give their fundraising efforts a boost in creative ways, and many are calling on professional help.

“Rabbi Levi Schechtman from Machon L’Shlichus has kindly taken the time to guide me throughout the entire process,” says Rabbi Binyomin Bitton, shliach to Vancouver, British Columbia.


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