Urgent Call to Restock Shaitel Gemach

20110902-sheitelWith the High Holidays quickly approaching and too many people feeling the pinch of the economic downturn, more women than ever have been calling the Pesha Leah Shaitel Gemach, desperate for what is likely to be the only new item they’ll acquire for Yomtov.

“Our supply of shaitels has quickly depleted, dashing the hopes of countless women who’ve turned to us as their only resort,” a volunteer for the Gemach told CrownHeights.info.

“If you have a shaitel that simply doesn’t work for you anymore, you can easily clear your closet and provide the joy of Yomtov to a sister in need.

Yes, it’s Erev Yomtov and you’re busy, but the few moments it will take to find that shaitel and send it to the gemach will revive a fellow Jewess. And just think of the zechuyos born every moment from your great mitzvah of enabling a Jewish woman to cover her hair the way the Rebbe so strongly encouraged,” she said.

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