Jerusalem Rabbi Hears Divorce Cases as Daughter Represents Spouses

A Jerusalem religious court judge is under investigation by the State Prosecutor’s Office after he was found to have ruled on divorce cases in which his daughter or son-in-law represented the husband or wife.

The judge, Rabbi Chaim Yehuda Rabinovitch, was found by the judicial ombudsman, retired Supreme Court Justice Eliezer Goldberg, to have decided divorce cases in which his daughter, Gila Naftalin, or her husband, Shaul Naftalin, represented one of the contesting spouses, which Goldberg deemed a violation of judicial procedure and ethics. There had been complaints that Rabinovitch ruled on dozens of such cases; Goldberg found that he transferred some of them to other judges.

In one divorce case Rabinovitch adjudicated, Goldberg found that his daughter represented the wife and prepared the separation agreement, while the court record listed the judge’s son-in-law as the woman’s lawyer.


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