Lehigh Chabad Builds Community for Jewish Students

For many Jewish college students, Chabad organizations on campuses around the world provide a home away from home. There are Chabad centers on more than 140 campuses worldwide, and Lehigh’s campus is no exception.

Alumni, faculty and students suggested to the Chabad of Lehigh Valley that there was a need for another Jewish outlet to the Lehigh community. Rabbi Zalman Greenberg and his wife, Dit Greenberg, quickly stepped up to the challenge. Chabad at Lehigh was established in 2008 right in the Greenbergs’ home on Evans Street. The organization had a slow start with only two students attending their first event.

“In the Lehigh community, after students finish their studies, people go into their own niche and do their own thing,” Greenberg said. “We expected a very slow beginning in regards to numbers.”

Lehigh’s Chabad, however, quickly grew in numbers. Programs like Friday night Shabbat dinners, celebrations for the high holidays and lectures regarding Jewish faith, now average from 70-80 students per event.

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