Chabad House Offers Familial Feel for Jewish Students

Seven and a half years ago, Rabbi Mendel Matusof and his wife Rebbetzin Henya Matusof dedicated their lives to providing the Jewish community at the University of Wisconsin a home away from home.

To do this, the Matusof family took over operations of the Chabad House, a Jewish community center serving the needs of the Jewish student population by providing them with a healthy social and educational environment. The family opens their home to all UW students on a weekly basis, inviting the community in for a free meal coupled with observation and celebration of Jewish holidays.

Currently, Matusof and his wife live with their three boys, ages 5, 2 and 5 months, while allowing hundreds of students the opportunity to join their family in their house several times a month.

Matusof grew up in Madison and continued to pursue his studies in Paris, Canada and Brooklyn. After his travels, Matusof said he found himself back in Madison with the desire to get involved in the Jewish community.


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