A Closer Look at Chabad Life in Yeshiva University

Many students say they do not relate to the Chabad club because they are not Chabadniks. This is a shame, since the Chabad club at both Yeshiva University and Stern College is open to everyone, not just chabadniks, and everyone walks out a different and better person.

The YU Chabad club provides a service for people who are interested in learning about Hassidut. Josh Krisch, president of the YC Chabad club, discusses the disparity between Chabad in the rest of the world and Chabad here at home. “[Whereas] Chabad Worldwide offers Jewish infrastructure where there is none,” Kirsch says, “Chabad at YU knows that we already have Jewish infrastructure on campus, so we provide the part that is still missing…namely a curriculum in Hassidut and a Hassidic values.”

The Chabad club aims to offer a service that is not currently available, to facilitate a well-rounded Jewish education by offering students a chance to learn Hassidut. YU Chabad club ensures that a student who wishes to learn Hassidut or Tanya will have an opportunity to study with YU students who have learned these subjects.

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