Bar-Ilan’s ’21st Century Zionism’ Material for Day Schools

An innovative “Israel throughout the Year” curriculum five years in the making has been completed for schools in the United States and Canada by The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education at Bar-Ilan University, school officials said.

Responding to a need expressed by numerous educators in the U.S. about the lack of Israel education in Jewish schools, The Lookstein Center set out to develop a comprehensive, ready to use curriculum whose goal is informative and pedagogic in nature. Students in grades 1-8 who attend day schools and supplementary schools will now be able to learn in a fun and comprehensive way about Israeli history, geography, culture, tradition, democracy, leaders, the challenges it faces, and more, in just 16 modular lessons per year, Bar-Ilan said. Schools can choose to utilize either the colorful print or digital versions.

“We strove to ensure that all important topics that should be covered while teaching about Israel are included, and in an attractive, interesting and friendly manner,” said Rabbi Yonah Fuld, the project’s director at The Lookstein Center. “Having received positive feedback from educators, academics, school decision makers and teachers in the field who are already using the curriculum, we are confident in saying that all you could expect a Jewish child to know about Israel is included here. This is a ‘must have’ resource,” he said.


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