The Mikveh Search

A Mikveh is a ritual bath symbolizing the transition from a person’s old identity and his new one as Jew. It is also a ritual done by Jewish women before marriage. Many synagogues have their own mikveh. Communities having a high percentage of Jewish population also have mikvehs.

  • The nearest mikveh bath you can possibly find is within your community. Start your search from your own synagogue. Many Orthodox shul have their own mikveh bath as they often use this than other sects of Judaism.
  • Talk to your Rabbi if your synagogue doesn’t have a mikveh. Your Rabbi can suggest other locations with mikveh available.
  • Learn the rules of your host’s mikveh. Basic rules in many synagogues are similar with minimal variations. Generally, only the attendant and the person bathing are allowed inside the bathing room.

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