The Decline of Tomchei Temimim

When you walk into a typical Lubavitch yeshivah gedolah, you see bochurim sitting over seforim and conversing. They are presumably discussing whatever is inside the sefer open in front of them. It looks pretty good.

What you don’t see, and you cannot see, is what they are actually discussing, and how many bochurim didn’t even show up in the first place. In short, a disturbingly large amount of bochurim don’t really do anything productive for much of their day. If you would like to know what the average Lubavitcher Bochur does most of the day, the answer is… sleeping and socializing!

Now, this contemporary Lubavitcher bochur doesn’t really do anything wrong per se. He hardly ever gets into any trouble; he davens, farbrengs, goes on mivtzoim, acts like a mensch, and sits in front of a sefer most of the day. What more can you ask of him?


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