Op-Ed: Is Marriage the Solution?

About a month ago, a letter came out signed by many Chabad Rabbonim, Roshei Yeshiva and Mashpiim urging bochurim to get married earlier, at the age of 20-21, instead of what has been the common practice to begin getting involved in shidduchim at 23-24.

The reasoning behind this is, being that bochurim finish the “prescribed amount of years in yeshiva,” i.e. the system, at the age of 20-21, after which they are not involved in learning and are not immersed in a Chassidishe environment, they do not use their time wisely. As a result, some end up losing their chassidishkeit and varemkeit that they gained in yeshiva, some go off the derech entirely, and some start up Ebay businesses run from their basement apartments. Ultimately, when these bochurim do get married, the homes they will build are not based on the “chassidishe hanochos” that were the norm in their Yeshiva days.

Therefore, they reason, the solution for this is that they should get married right when they get out of yeshiva – “straight out of the pickle jar” (Which reminds me of an article written in the Mishpacha Magazine titled “surprise! You’re a Kallah!).

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