17 Yemenite Jews Brought to Israel in Covert Operation

The Jewish Agency on Wednesday night helped a group of 17 Jews to move to Israel from Yemen, in a covert maneuver reminiscent of 1949-50’s Operation Magic Carpet, the first mass aliya after the foundation of the state.

Citing heightened security concerns and increasing tensions in Yemen, two sets of parents were brought directly to Israel, along with 10 of their children who had been living in Argentina.

The immigrants landed at Ben-Gurion Airport and were taken to an absorption center in the South.

Jewish Agency chairman Natan Sharansky said: “Tonight we are privileged to engage in a mission that combined the saving of lives, the reunification of a family and immigration to Israel.

Behind the scenes of this operation lies the dedication and expertise of the Jewish Agency and our partner organizations who all contributed to the mission’s success.

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