Steps to Dancing the Horah

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Horah is a traditional dance in Jewish weddings, bat mitzvahs, and bar mitzvahs. Many Jews refer to it as the unofficial king of the Israeli folk dances. The Hora is originally a Romanian folk dance and was brought from Eastern Europe by Jewish immigrants. In the past Hora was danced in the Kibbutzim and small communities. Later on, it became a part of every Jewish weddings and other Jewish celebrations in Israel, Canada and the United States.  Horah is a fast and cheerful dance usually performed to the tune of Israeli folk songs or to the music of Hava Nagila.

  • A group must form a circle.  Ask each dancer to hold the hands of people on either side of them.
  • As the music starts, each one must follow the circle as it rotates to the right.
  • Step forward to the right with your left foot then move your right foot beside your left foot.
  • Step to the side passing your left foot to your right foot.
  • Step to the center of the circle while everyone hold hands.  Lift your hands up into the air.
  • Lower your hands as you move backward.
  • Repeat these steps several times.
  • Resume rotating around the circle.

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