Religious Women Infuse Modesty with Style

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Wearing a sleek black dress topped with a taupe bolero and long stiletto-heeled boots, Nathalie Benhaim cuts an elegant figure. For her, Orthodox Judaism’s rules of modesty have never been synonymous with austerity.

“I’m always made up and have my hair done, I never let myself go. It’s important for me and for my husband,” explains this mother-of-four who has just opened a bakery in Jerusalem.

The Benhaims describe themselves as religiously observant and are part of Israel’s growing religious Zionist movement who, unlike the ultra-Orthodox, are active members of society and often play a leading role in many Israeli institutions.

They are also prominent in government under the leadership of cabinet minister Naftali Bennett, head of the hardline right-wing Habayit Hayehudi party.


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