Jerusalem’s new smash hit: Maccabi Mea Shearim b-ball team

They play in black uniforms, hide their ‘peyes’ behind their ears. They don’t have a budget or a seal of approval from rabbis – but they are well-equipped when it comes to faith. Meet Jerusalem’s new smash hit: the Maccabi Mea Shearim basketball team.

This week, the team, whose members all live in or around the famous Jerusalem ultra-Orthodox neighborhood – faced a team of Zionist religious bachelors from the neighborhood of Rehavia, Yedioth Aharonoth reported.

One by one they come on court: Yitzhak Pinksi, 19, guard, a student in the well-known haredi yeshiva Mir, who came to Israel from Milwaukee. “I wake up very early to run, and one night a week I allow myself to leave the yeshiva early so I can play basketball,” he says.


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