NY Bar Mitzvah Boy Helps Israeli Kids

In the Yud Alef neighborhood of Beersheba, a tough neighborhood mainly home to immigrants from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union, the children still can’t believe their eyes – the old basketball court at the Rimonim elementary school in the middle of the neighborhood was transformed overnight to a stunning brand new court.

Even more exciting is that in January 2013, advanced basketball lessons will be given on the new court by a seasoned basketball coach twice a week to the neighborhood kids, for free.

Furthermore, the kids also discovered that new basketball team uniforms have already been purchased for them.

Surprisingly, the generous individual behind this new initiative is a 13-year-old Jewish boy from New York City named Daniel Klosk, who decided to donate all of his bar mitzvah gifts and money toward a basketball project for kids his age in Israel, combining both his love of basketball and Israel.

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