Birthright ‘Baby Boomers’ Head to Israel

Studies carried out recently among US Jews indicate that only one in five has visited, or is planning to visit Israel.

The worrying findings have led the UJA Federation of New York to present an innovative plan: “Birthright Israel for Boomers” – a tourism program aimed at adults that follows the outline of programs already in place for the younger generation.

Next week the project’s first group is set to arrive in Israel. According to Michael Lax, who is leading the initiative, the absolute majority of US Jews have never visited Israel. When asked why, the usual response is that at some point they would really like to visit Israel, but it is very clear from their response that it isn’t really at the top of their list of priorities.

Lax says that the UJA decided that Israel needed to be marketed to Jews in the US in a more attractive way that will also allow them to connect in some way with their children.


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