Op-Ed Response: Organic Chabad

A brother-in-law of mine residing in Crown Heights sent me an op-ed published on Crownheights.info entitled ‘Chabad Lite.’ In it, the author bemoans the spiraling state of altruistic Chassidic values which is widespread amongst many of today’s youth specifically in Lubavitch circles. It seems, in the words of the author, that people choose for one reason or another to identify with Lubavitch but are not prepared to hold themselves accountable and continuously refine their character and connection to the Rebbe’s ideals as old world Chassidim did.

This brings to mind a joke that Chassidim say about today’s gezhe: The joke goes. “Gezhe are like carrots, the best part is in the ground.” However, as funny a joke it is, it is just as much a call to reality for all of us who fall within that category. When I tell people that I carry the name and am the great grandson of the late Yochanan Gordon of Dokshitz and esteemed Gabbai of 770 Eastern Parkway and friend of the Friediker Rebbe and the Rebbe they almost always follow by saying, “are you aware of the shoes that you have to fill?” It is the question that is important at this point to dwell on.

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