Chabad Spokesman Dismisses Christianity Allegations

A prominent Chabad figure has been accused by participants in an ultra-Orthodox online forum of adopting Christian symbols to describe a Jewish event, following an article he wrote in an official Chabad publication.

Chabad spokesman Rabbi Menachem Brod sparked a lively debate in the Haredi forum “Stop, Thinking Here,” when he referred to bread and wine as allegories for flesh and blood.

The article, in last week’s Talk of the Week, the Chabad Youth Organization’s weekly newspaper, dealt with the Hasidic “Messiah Feast,” eaten on the last day of Passover. The feast was originally introduced by the founder of Hasidic Judaism, Rabbi Yisroel Ben Eliezer, also known as Baal Shem Tov, to express the yearning and anticipation for the messiah. The feast includes matza, and the Chabad custom is also to drink four glasses of wine at the meal, as is done in the Passover seder.


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