Mishpacha Symposium Takes on Charedi (kana’us) Zealotry

As the topic of mandatory segregation on buses has passions running high both in Israel and around the world, Mishpacha Magazine hosts an explosive symposium on the topic of zealotry, with three noted authorities speaking out on the topic of kanaus.  Are drastic and heavy handed actions the proper way to sanctify the name of G-d in the face of behavior that some might deem inappropriate?  Or is it simply misplaced fanaticism that gives Chareidi Jews a bad name?

The Mishpacha article features fascinating insights by Rabbi Moshe Grylak, Editor in Chief of Mishpacha and founder and former Editor in Chief of Yated Neeman, Yonasan Rosenblum, founder, director and spokesperson for Jewish Media Resources, an organization the attempts to clarify Chareidi society for journalists and Eytan Kobre, a lawyer who has served as Associate General Counsel at Agudath Israel of America and writes about contemporary Jewish issues for numerous publications including Mishpacha, Aish.com and more.

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