Op-Ed: What Chabad-Lubavitch and Modern Orthodox Communities Can Teach Each Other

I think it’s high time there was some new cultural diffusion. I don’t mean cultural diffusion on a grand scale, where one nation spreads its lifestyles and outlooks to another nation or anything of the sort. Rather, I am proposing a small-scale exchange of ideas, lifestyles, and philosophies within two sectors of the Jewish world: Modern Orthodoxy and Chabad Lubavitch.

I must first make it quite clear that I am Modern Orthodox through and through and do not think of myself Lubavitch, nor do I know any hardcore Lubavitchers who would ever consider themselves to simultaneously be Modern Orthodox. However, having grown to enjoy a close relationship with the local Chabad family in my town, along with various other Chabad experiences along the way, my respect, appreciation, and admiration for the Lubavitch community has grown tremendously. I would like to share my thoughts regarding what Modern Orthodoxy can learn from Chabad Lubavitch, as well as what Chabad can learn from Modern Orthodoxy.

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