North Carolina Conference Focuses on Bullying

When Charlotte’s three Jewish schools decided to initiate a joint fundraising project last year, they all agreed that a program for both parents and educators would best suit their goals. As a result, the Joined in Education symposium was born, offering two days of speakers, classes and workshops.

This year’s program, “Stand up to Bullying,” featured Lee Hirsch, director of the documentary, “Bully.” He and other speakers discussed the film, as well as The Bully Project, a nationwide anti-bullying campaign. More than 600 people from the community attended Hirsch’s talk last week, and another 225 participated in workshops the following day.

“We live in a ‘me’ generation, filled with children who do not necessarily realize the impact that they have on others,” says Mariashi Groner, co-director of Chabad-Lubavitch of Charlotte and director of the Charlotte Jewish Day School, one of the schools that organized the symposium. “We really need to encourage and empower kids to stop these behaviors. And it’s best to start teaching them how to treat one another while they’re younger, because it’s hard to undo [their behavioral patterns] once they’ve grown.”


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